Hexhunter Session 2 Log

From this point forward, these session logs will be short summaries. I wanted to show the process in detail until now, but that has just made me dread writing up any more of these posts. Not a good way to start!

We return to our hero with a visit from some aaracokra, who were ambushed while investigating the kobold cult. They thank Dane for his help, warn him about the kobolds, and depart for their home plane.

Dane is encouraged that he made a difference and sets out again. His father has calmed down and provides him with a standard issue sword, which I’m using to justify the switch to the two-action turns rule I mentioned in a previous post.

After wandering through the kobold lair some more, Dane finds a locked door and smashes it in, revealing two kobolds. The skirmish is a burst of speed on both sides, during which one gives Dane a major bite. He patches it up after fighting them off, then picks up the strange llama coin and proceeds to the next floor.

He sees a chained-up elf who has been singing a strange song. He introduces himself as Elias Kurt. Dane tries to break his chains but can’t, even after multiple tries. Giving up for now, he decides to explore more to find the key.

The kobold sorcerer and two minions are doing a ritual at the evil altar room. The evil runes make Dane’s first attacks fail as the kobolds strike back, but he calls on the divine guidance from last night and manages to destroy the runes. One kobold hits him extra hard, giving him a concussion, so he gives it everything he’s got and hits the sorcerer as hard as he can. The sorcerer falls and the others retreat.

He returns to the elf, his state preventing him from noticing that Elias escaped his bonds already. The elf gives him a shoulder and helps him back home, horribly injured, but triumphant in his own way.

At this point I did a little bookkeeping with the kingdom rules, calling the outpost and three nearby hexes cleared land. Quartzwood claimed them and set to work making farmlands there. Still, our hero will need a lot of time to recover now.


Author: Phil N. Schipper

22-year-old creative writing student at Western Michigan University. After self-publishing my first book in April of 2013, I turned to game design. Also contributing at OpRainfall.

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