Trainer Battles

This is probably the simplest, and among the most absurd, of the minigame systems I will ever create. It’s based on the Pokémon series, but when used in a tabletop RPG format it becomes rather strange.

First, the party must agree on one player character that will “lead” (not participate) for the battle. That player then chooses another character to start with, while the GM (using their own non-combatant leader) chooses a single enemy.

The two battle one on one, while the leaders tell them what moves to make. The player is free to ignore their friend’s advice – it’s really just a layer of roleplaying for this situation. When either fighter is knocked out or can’t continue, their leader should pick another one to continue. The enemy team should have the same number of enemies as participating players.

And that’s it, really. I can’t think of any in-world reason you would use this system; it’s more of a weird novelty that results from my Nintendo obsession.


Author: Phil N. Schipper

22-year-old creative writing student at Western Michigan University. After self-publishing my first book in April of 2013, I turned to game design. Also contributing at OpRainfall.

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