Getting the Gang Back Together

Long before roleplaying games entered my life, there was just roleplaying. In my middle school years, I spent a lot of time on the Nintendo Nsider forums, which had an RPing board at the time. (I’m aware this dates me a bit, but it’s important for context here.)

I tried quite a few threads, and most had their golden age for a time before fading away. However, near the end of a personal favorite of mine, I discovered other threads by more or less the same group. I was just tagging along in some of them, but by the time the RP boards were ultimately removed, we were all so committed that new forums appeared to replace it.

The life cycle of all the various forums is a long tale that I don’t really have time, space or memory to recount here. Players came and went over the years as we migrated sites, and there was a fair share of drama at times, but most of the core group stayed in touch for years afterward.

Looking back, those experiences are probably similar to the ones I wanted out of full RPG’s. I probably would have made the leap quickly if it weren’t for Dungeons & Dragons and its scary mathematics. It scared me off early in life, and I’m glad I gave RPG’s a second chance even if it was years later.

Which brings me all the way back around to those same folks from years ago. When I mentioned my interest in the chat, I was surprised at how many chimed in wanting to play. With some discussion, we ended up deciding on a series of short mini-campaigns in Fate Accelerated, each one decided through a series of pitches and votes. Some may be related, others not, and other variations of genre and length should come up too. I’ve set up a very short one to teach the basics, and we’re making characters this week to play by instant message. I can’t wait to get started!


Author: Phil N. Schipper

22-year-old creative writing student at Western Michigan University. After self-publishing my first book in April of 2013, I turned to game design. Also contributing at OpRainfall.

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